MBio creates powerful, natural superfood ingredients that help people live healthier lives. We’ve combined groundbreaking science with nature’s bounty to develop a range of revolutionary ingredients all from a single natural source – the mushroom.

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Nutritional Benefits

We’ve harnessed all the benefits of the mushroom to develop a range of powders that deliver your consumers a host of nutritional and functional benefits.

From a powerful, vegan source of vitamins D and B12 to the rich umami flavour of our whole mushroom powder, our powders are the perfect addition to boost any application.

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Working with our customers

We work in partnership with you to deliver solutions that bring your consumers maximum functionality and nutritional benefit.

Whether it’s an ambient product or a chilled food solution, we work with your applications and pinpoint the exact dosage you require.

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Ireland is renowned globally for its temperate climate, pure clean air and rich fertile soil.

As a proud member of Origin Green, we’re committed to producing safe, nutritious food in the most sustainable way possible while at the same time protecting the land for generations to come.

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Our Products Contribute to:


Our Products

Our product range delivers high protein, vitamins and minerals with a wide range of functional and health-boosting properties. These ingredients can be consumed in a variety of formats.

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100% Traceable & Sustainable